6th Annual Triangle SfN Meeting, 2020​

Unfortunately our 2020 Meeting was canceled, but please join us for our 2021 Virtual Spring Meeting on April 22nd, 2021!

5th Annual Triangle SfN Meeting, 2019​

Meeting Highlights
  • Data Blitz Presentations from Dr. Christopher Mazzone (NIEHS) and Regina Fernandez (ECU).

  • Talks from 3 local speakers. Drs. Kevin LaBar (Duke University), Gregory Cole (NC Central), and Jerry Yakel (NIEHS).  

  • Keynote Presentation from Staci Bilbo titled "Neuroimmune interactions in neurodevelopment: implications for life-long health." 

  • 38 poster presentations across 7 institutes around the Triangle. 

  • Multiple vendors showcasing the newest neuroscience technology

Congratulations to our 2019 poster winners!

  • Postdoctoral: Chris Mazzone (NIEHS) Mentors: Drs. Guohong Cui and Mike Krashes

  • Doctoral: Sagi Gillera (NCSU), Mentor: Dr. Heather Patisaul

  • Undergraduate/Postbac: Alaine Castillo, Mentor: Dr. Freha Mowat

4th Annual Triangle SfN Meeting, 2018

Meeting Highlights​

3rd Annual Triangle SfN Meeting, 2017

Meeting Highlights​
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2nd Annual Triangle SfN Meeting, 2016

Meeting Highlights​
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First Triangle SfN Meeting, 2015

Meeting Highlights​
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