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Please visit our Whova page to see the virtual booths for our 2022 Annual Meeting sponsors

To support the active growth of our chapter, we ask companies to consider providing support for our 2023 Triangle SfN meeting. Our target audience for this meeting includes scientists from the Triangle Region, including local universities (Duke,UNC, NC State, Wake Forest), government agencies (EPA, NIEHS), and numerous biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The purpose of this full-day conference is to both promote neuroscience research and to foster collaborations within our community. In 2023, we will have our annual meeting on Friday April 21st at the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club (3001 Cameron Blvd. Durham, NC).


We hope to build on the success of our past meetings


We anticipate continued expansion and success of the meeting, but we rely on the support of our sponsors to produce this event. The conference is the perfect opportunity for your company to closely interact with multidisciplinary neuroscientists throughout the Triangle and to foster collaborations of your own.

We are also available to accept payments through our PayPal account: inquire at